Things I do when I’m home-alone:

So, my husband/ roommate (technically, housemate would be a better word since we have more than a room) is out of town. I miss him, etc. etc. (seriously I do miss (annoying) him) but … WHOA!!!… It’s that time again… the time when I return back to my college routines, which literally translates to:

  • Getting the TV to myself:
    I get the TV to myself… big achievement, believe me! …And I get to see what-ever-the-crap that goes on on TV… but the important point is: I get to choose my crap. I need not watch Fox Traveller with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D or Zee Cinema anymore; I now watch Fox Traveller with TLC and any chick-flick that is playing on. Yea, I binge-watch. Or, if I want, I can shut it down all day long without anyone else turning it on. It’s a different kind of high.


  • Downloading and wasting the bandwidth my way:
    I don’t need to argue what I want to download. I can download entire seasons of “Girls” without providing moral reasons for watching it or getting the stink eye while watching it.
The reason I love Lena Dunham
The reason I love Lena Dunham
  • Cooking or not cooking:
    I can survive on little food. And with no one else in the house, I eat two-minute meals. Instant noodles, instant oats, instant milk powder (kidding!), instant soup. Everything instant. Snap. Snap. Snap. The best instant food? Omelet or banana or any fruit that doesn’t require much time to cut. Yea, I’m that lazy… and then, because I need to catch up on all my favourite shows. They are more important than food at times (absolute straight face).
  • messy roomLitter around:
    In my golden days of college, you needed to pave your way through my belongings to reach my bed. I have straightened out since then; but not much. With no one around, I start spreading my colors… I mean it… Water colors, brushes, palettes, sketch pens, pastels, colour pencils, erasers, charcoal, a couple of sketch books… you see, I’m quite a colourful person. I love surrounding myself with colors… in all shapes and sizes and tubes.
  • Big Bed:
    The bed might look a bit big for you the first night. But then, since you are alone and your laptop looks so forlorn, you can ask it to camp on your bed, along with the headphones, a pair of stereo sets, your tablet (which also serves as a book… and a tray, sometimes), your cell phone, your bag, your wallet (because you shop online), all your chargers and USBs… your world is literally a hand away… and it’s awesome. You need not get out of bed. Just roll, baby, roll.
  • Being girly and crazy:
    No, being girly and crazy is not synonymous. It’s just me. No matter what sort of mad man your housemate is (and my husband is really bonkers), still, with him around, I can’t try on dresses at 2AM or try smokey-eyes make-up or try the new hairdo tutorial on Luxyhair (YouTube, my girlies!)… I’m a bit embarrassed to go full-on crazy when there’s someone around, but with no one in the house, it’s time to mix and match my outfits, figure out what to wear for ComicCon, try on every good make-up trick and hair tutorial on YouTube and feel whole again (Part of a woman’s soul therapy)
  • Testing my vocal chords:
    Of course, I sing when people are around. But it’s more like polite singing or, if my husband is around, I sing to annoy him. But when no one’s around? That’s when you should hear me out (Irony, you can’t!). I sing Audrey Hepburn’s MoonRiver (testing the low chords) to Sara Bareilles’ Brave (testing the high chords). I remember I even tried rapping once but I’m not really much of the tongue-twisting, four-words-per-second sort (Hey! We all try, okay? No judging!). Thank God, the neighbors have not complained yet. You know, I have had vocal sessions at 2AM too. A girl needs to practice.
  • Draw, draw, draw, draw:
    Last night, I sketched for two hours straight. Undivided attention. With my husband around, I always need to go and annoy him every one hour. I don’t know why. It’s impulsive! It must be so difficult to be him, living under the same roof with a crazy one.

Hmm… Hmm… Hmm…

Okay, so it’s been a fortnight staying alone and I think it’s enough for a while. I think I’m missing him. Or re-phrase that to: I think I miss annoying him to bits. Well… I can only do so much when I’m alone.

I’m getting bored. (…sigh!).

Okay, I’m flying down to meet him

(Truth, I’m not this romantic; I am going out of town for other scheduled things and he just happens to be in the same town, but it sounded so much better and clichéd! Couldn’t resist!).

But not before, I do a soul-searching solo trip to Goa. (you did NOT see that coming, did you?)

 Yayyyy! To the pleasures of flying solo (for sometime) and being mental (always & forever)!

See you from Goa!


P.S. Husband, I heart you. ❤

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