Comic Con 2014: The Bengaluru Edition

We can be Heroes, just for One Day. (Or three days, if you were cosplaying at Bangalore’s Comic con!)


Comic-con has been happening in Bangalore since 2012, but I never attended one when I was living there. I thought it was a run-down version of the overseas mega-event. I was so wrong!

This time, my brother, who is majorly into anime (and hence, a geek :D), was all geared up to go to Comic-con and my husband joined forces with him. (Men in my life never grow up!… But then, neither do I!) So, I also shouted “Me too! Me too! Count me in!”

Naruto cosplayers

So, on the second day of Comic con, we got together to go to the event. (Husband Neel arrived from Hubli, me from Goa and Geek Brother stationed at Bangalore).

I really didn’t know what to expect. In fact, my expectations were quite low. A few stalls, a few cosplayers… I thought we should be done in a couple of hours. I was soooo very wrong, it shames me to admit!

At the ticket counter itself, I saw haircuts of several dimensions, people wearing blinding colors, mixing and matching outfits that would put fashionistas to shame… Inside, the crowds, the carnival atmosphere, the stalls, the cosplayers… I was in Geek Heaven and I loved it!

Brother Geek, on the other hand, had already gone bonkers when he spotted cosplayers dressed as Itachi Uchiha.

I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested!

We decided to check out the stalls and… umm… we sorta got stuck after every other stall. There was too much awesomeness packed in the stalls! I mean, there was Sheldon (from TBBT) bobbling his head and saying “I’m not crazy; my mother had me tested” whenever someone fiddled with his head!… Then, there was Lord Tyrion (from GoT) who looked even cuter in his miniature avatar (if he could be more miniature than he already is!… hehehe… that was a mean joke!). Husband got hold of Sheldon and grinned at the wobble-head as if they were old friends, and Brother Geek was gaping at the Yoda wobble-head like a pupil meeting a master. The merchandise they had was exhaustingly good… We gaped every few seconds “World of Warcraft keychains!”, “Louis Litt coffee mug!!”, “Gintama posters!”… If you ever want to see guys shopping like excited teenage-girls, bring them to Comic Con!

The next big stop was a stall selling posters… Brother Geek finally found Naruto bookmarks and his favourite Gintama scene made into a poster… he was incredulously excited by now; bobbing his head in appreciatioDSC04754-001n just like the Yoda wobble-head he pocketed minutes ago. And the cherry on top of the pie? He met the illustrator of the Gintama posters who said she could draw a small sketch of any character he wants on the paper packet of his purchases. He asked for Katsura and Elizabeth (go, figure! I had to Google the names too!) and she happily obliged!

After every few stalls, we halted and gaped… I came across a stall selling drawing pens and bought quite a few and then…. I saw the Wacom stall! I knew Wacom has a stall every year at Comic con and I had been eyeing a beginner’s drawing tablet for a few months now! I literally dived into the store and came out with my Wacom CTL-471! My new, prized possession! *kisses the tablet*

DSC04769-001A lot of stores had really creative, funny (“pun-ny”) posters… We couldn’t resist buying quite a few! Then, there was Manga stalls, Indian comics stall (some of them have unbelievably good graphics! I flipped through “The Kaurava Empire” by Campfire Graphic Novels and it had awesome artwork) and tee-shirt stalls. There were illustrators who would make your caricatures in seconds… so fun! And there was face painting…

Coming to face-painting, the major high (besides the Wacom purchase) was the cosplayers moving amongst the crowd. Joker seemed to be an obvious choice of many and there were many with Vendetta masks but there were others… wolverine, Robo cop, Darth Vader, Jon Snow, Daenerys (Oh yes! And she could speak high-Valyrian… not kidding!), Naruto, characters from Blended… it was so awesome to just be a part of this high-energy, fun-loving crowd.

We listened to Sana Amanat, the creator of the new Ms. Marvel, on her ongoing journey in the Marvel comics world…


My brother went berserk when he figured that Rob DenBleyker of Cyanide & Happiness was signing posters and drawing cartoons. I personally love C&H… Brother Geek asked Rob to draw something “insanely obscene” and Rob came up with this!


At around 6:30pm, the cosplay started. Two Japanese cosplayers cosplaying Sailor Moon came and gave introductions and performed for us. There was also the team of All Indian Bakchod (AIB) who hosted the DSC04813-001cosplay competition. Some of the participants were quite good, some umm… not that good… but all in all, such dedication to playing a character requires applause. I, specially, liked Wall-E… This guy was not bound by his wheelchair when he played his character… this is what comics do… they bring the heroes inside of you to life!

At the end of the day, we were tired but we wanted more… (in short, we are greedy). This day has been one of the best in 2014 so far. I heard Mumbai will host Comic Con in December 2014 and I heard the proposed venue is walking distance from my house! Hahaha… you have no idea how giddy I am at the thought of it! Cannot wait for the next comic con!

Cutest Magneto

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