Moodle: Wake me up when September ends

This artwork has been published on MusicMalt.

Music forms quite a big percentage of things I do to kill time! And then, I also doodle to kill time. And then again, I listen to music and doodle at the same time. So it’s only natural that I doodle about music while listening to it. I call them Moodles (Music+ Doodle)… Moodles might also mean the mood I am in since that also determines the songs I listen to!

Anywhoo, so I have just started contributing to this cool website called MusicMalt, where I shall submit my moodle weekly. The first moodle got published today… three cheers! Yayyayyay!

This is the artwork along with a little note on the artwork. The same has been published on MusicMalt <—- Click here!
septemberWhile scourging for music and what would be appropriate for this time of the year (Autumn… there are quite a number of songs on autumn), it suddenly hit me that September is ending. And the first song that came to mind was ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’. Kind of appropriate, right?

Though I really like the official video of this song, yet I stayed clear from the video-theme (American war scenario after the September 11 attacks) while making this artwork. Instead, I attempted at creating a collage of memories between a father and a son and how much the latter misses his dad. The song was originally written in memory of lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong’s father.

I wondered why in one phrase of the song, the lyrics said “Seven years have gone so fast” and in another phrase, it said “Twenty years has gone so fast”. Turns out, Billie Joe Armstrong’s band, Sweet Children (which later became Green Day) was formed seven years after his father died, and Billie wrote the song twenty years after his father died.

When you listen to the song with the original purpose in mind, it becomes all the more meaningful.

Hope you like this piece. Much love!

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