Moodle#3: “Better Together” by Jack Johnson

Original article at MusicMalt.

My music inspiration last week was Jack Johnson. I love his easy-on-the-ears melody. Last year, while on a trek, I was  introduced to Jack Johnson’s music. I had listened to his tunes on radio, so it sounded familiar when my trekker friends played it… and after coming home, I listened to a few more and the more I listened, the more I fell in love with his guitar strums and easy-to-sing songs. So, this week’s moodle has been inspired by “Better Together” by Jack Johnson.


By and by, just a little trivia: Do you know the album “In Between Dreams” of which “Better Together” is a part of, was recorded in Johnson’s studio which was named “Mango Tree”? The cover art of the album also depicts a Mango Tree. What’s more, in one line of the song “Better Together”, we hear the words “Not so many things we got to do, or places we got to be, we’ll sit beneath the Mango Tree now”. With all the mango references, Mango seems to be Johnson’s favorite fruit!!

Until next time,

Much love!

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