Uchila (Fun, beach and a wedding)

This was the best wedding I have attended. There were so many “best” things in this wedding, the “bestest” of all being the bride who was like a super-bride: fuss-free, hyperactive and super-sweet: Vachana.

I knew I had to attend Vachana’s wedding. It was a promise I intended to keep. And so, last month, I went to a hitherto unexplored place, Uchila in the Konkan coast, to attend her wedding. Vachana had booked rooms in a lovely resort called Akuna Matata (I know!) that overlooked the beach. It was a lovely place; one could hear the waves and go to the beach at any whatsoever unearthly hour (and that’s what we did!)

Akuna Matata (Timon and Pumba!) Resort@Uchila

On my first day there, Vachana, Aishwarya (MoH) and I went to Udupi town for last minute stuff. We also made time for a Udupi meal along with the famous Gadbad ice-cream, which originated in Diana Hotel, Udupi, as a matter of fact!

There were quite a few people (her friends) staying at the resort and in the evening, the bride had arranged for a cocktaiPC160252l party. The simple arena was transformed to a disco as lasers and lights beamed across the floor and the DJ started playing. I haven’t danced in quite some time but that night, all hell broke loose! A couple of us danced till the last song! (and next day, I felt the ‘screws’ of my legs give away… I could hardly move! So much for debauchery!)

Mid-way through the party, we all went to the beach at night to light up Chinese wish lanterns; aah… they looked so pretty, floating with our wishes into the night!


The next day was the traditional wedding. I never saw a happier couple than Jeevan and Vachana. May they always be happy!

Nayana Dumbre photography

After last night’s party and unleashing each one’s dance moves on the other, all strangers became friends. And after the wedding, we hung around the resort; chatting, drinking, listening to songs. In the late evening, some of the girls started building sand castles on the beach. The sun cast a deep red on the sky. Nayana, a most brilliant photographer and now a friend, was having a field day wielding her camera on all the colors Uchila beach had to offer. At one point in the late evening, she captured this image of the stars.


Isn’t it just brilliant! Now picture yourself sitting on the beach with a gazillion stars overhead. It was the most heady feeling. A joy so primal, I was overwhelmed!IMG_7676

The next morning, the ‘leftover’ people at the resort decided to go to a beach which we all referred to as the Secret Beach (and the secret shall remain a secret!). We rented autorickshaws and went to a point from where a fisherman took us for a tour. Well… basically, I don’t know where we went… but I remember he telling us that two rivers and a sea joins at that particular spot.

The daring ones even took a dive into the sea. You dare-devils, you!

I shouldn’t blabber much here… it’s better to just appease you all with photos.

In short, the Uchila trip was perfect in so many ways. I met old friends and new. I made new memories with all of them. Those three days, I lived life larger than life itself. Thank you, Vachana, for showing us Uchila and being patient with all of us!

Uchila beach near the resort
This photo (by fluke) captures the cocktail party’s craziness
The awesome sunset@Uchila
Of old friends and new 🙂
Location: Top Secret 😛

and now, for my gift to the bride. A rather unusual (if quite perfect) gift. I designed her wedding invite 🙂 She gave me a few references and what she’d like on the card. In the end, it turned out like this: (quite satisfied with myself)

My gift to Vachana: designing her wedding invite 🙂
the route map at the back of the card

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