Modern Gastronomy at Ziya, Guwahati

Mushroom Khichdi with Makhani Ice-cream

High time Guwahati had a fine dining experience at affordable prices. Don’t you think so?

The bulk of Guwahatian restaurants provide the same fare, laced with mediocrity. Indo-Chinese fare where Sweet Corn Soup rules as a favourite; momos that Guwahatians have started thinking as a home spun invention and the many “Assamese” restaurants dishing out dishes like lai-xaak with pork the exact same way my mother prepares it (so why should I pay and eat?)

So when I saw my friend post a picture of Mushroom Khichdi with Makhani ice cream, I immediately pinged her and asked where she was!

Right here in Guwahati, she pinged back.

I wanted details! Where do you get a semi-sphere of mushroom khichdi with a papad placed precariously on the sphere topped with a Makhani ice-cream and plating so neat that it made my mouth water?!

Ziya, came the answer.IMG-20140820-WA0005-001

I delved in the details she provided. Turns out, Ziya, a gastronomical delight, is a new restaurant in Guwahati providing a glimpse to the world of modern gastronomy. It specializes in Modern European and Oriental cuisine.

This is something Guwahati needed (badly!). No, please, not another “Chinese” place sprinkled with ajinamoto but a place where you get inventions, not fake second-hands. A twist to the usual fare; an unexpected taste of bogori chutney with bacon-wrapped-fish; a palette of colors and tastes; an explosion of your senses: in short, Ziya!

I suspected an ‘artist’ must be behind a construction of a plate so neatly put together. Friends, Chef Udayan Phukon, who has been previously associated with the Taj Group and has 10 years experience abroad, has arrived in town!

Dude, you should have arrived a while ago but like they say, better late than never!

Bacon-wrapped-fish with bogori and wine vinegar sauce

His is the small, brave step in food innovation and culinary that will (hopefully) have repercussions in the Guwahatian restaurant business. May this lead to a food revolution in Guwahati where people would finally appreciate the art that is food!

Since that photo posted by my friend, I have sent an email to the restaurant manager, congratulating him (can’t contain myself, can I?) and he provided me a few photos of what his restaurant offers.

And my oh my!

Aren’t these dishes handsome to the point of feverish nervousness at the moment of touching it!


Food romantics, this place is definitely something you should try! (Oh…Valentine’s Day is around the corner… just saying!)


Mother Teresa Road, Zoo Road Tiniali, Guwahati
For Reservations, call +91 88110 42141

Hatikhuli Pepper Prawns
Herb Grilled Chicken, Saffron Risotto, Grilled Veg with Forestiere Sauce
Duck Confit, Pumpkin Puree, Red Wine Soya Reduction

IMG-20140814-WA0000IMG-20140813-WA0020(1)     IMG-20140813-WA0003(1)

Braised Vegetables
Braised Vegetables

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