Book Cafe Ssong: The cutest cafe!

This is the cutest café I have visited till date. And if you are a cat-lover, you will love this place to bits. There are cat fridge-magnets, cat charts, cat knick-knacks, including a cat tea-pot. But the knick-knacks don’t stop at the cat theme. From DIY wooden shelves to soft plushies to books, there are too many things to notice! DSC05368 DSC05372 DSC05377 DSC05378 DSC05379 DSC05382 A tiny sofa miniature propped on the wall, a Goofy dangling at the book shelf ceiling, a Mickey-mouse styled miniature scooter or a lovely photograph propped on a miniature classic VW van. There were so many décor ideas I liked. Even the instrumental music added to the calmness of this place. I also loved their sitting arrangement upstairs, which consisted of Korean-style floor seating arrangement with low tables. They have quite a good book collection, a lot of Korean books too. By this time, you would know that the owner is Korean. 🙂 And she prepares awesome banana-caramel pancake and Ssong special sandwich. In fact, I will not be exaggerating if I say I had the best pancakes here. I also had a sandwich I will remember forever; the ingredients were so fresh, its taste still fresh on my mind! When I ordered the Ssong special sandwich, the lady did say it would be a little sweet; but what I got was so gastronomically delightful that I would crown it the queen of all sandwiches I ever tasted! Cannot explain, mouth is watering… again! DSC05375 DSC05380 I am so returning to this café. By the way, we bought cute cat fridge magnets! And the crockery you see at the counter is for sale. Eat here! You will thank me for discovering this quaint, little place 🙂 DSC05383Address: Stellar Enclave, Opposite MSEB Office, Behind McDonald’s, Aundh, Pune

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2 thoughts on “Book Cafe Ssong: The cutest cafe!

  1. I really like your lovely review about SSONG cafe. ^^
    You described so detailedly that i want to post our facebook page.If you mind of it please let me know.
    By the way, such a nice photo~!!^^Love it!!!

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