Pagdandi Books Chai Cafe

If you like cafes with knick-knacks, DIY, books, good food but more importantly, a place that stimulates good conversation…then Pagdandi is JUST THE PLACE!

So many booooooks!
So many booooooks!

You have to remove your shoes when you enter and as soon as that tiny bell at the door chimes, you will be hit by a sensory overload. I wanted to do a 360degree gaping; instead I gaped in short turns. I noticed the ceiling made of bamboo mats, the low-bed made comfortable with cushions, floor mats to sit on, the books (Goodness! An amazing collection too!), the post-its on the counter with feedbacks from patrons. Also, a guitar at the top of a cupboard, a DIY bottle with fairy lights inside, Tibetan prayer flags running diagonally across the ceiling. Sitting on the cane-poufs or reclaimed wood chairs, you almost feel like you are in a Darjeeling café and it’s snowing outside. In short, it is cozy! Soft-kitten cozy!

IMG-20150218-WA0003 IMG-20150218-WA0005  IMG-20150218-WA0006IMG-20150218-WA0002 WP_20150218_007-001

The menu is simple and straight-forward and one can even teach one’s own dish there. If the management likes it, they put it on the menu. (Far easier way to put your name somewhere than spotting a comet)

I’m so glad this café happens to be in my area; well, if you are not anywhere nearby, you should still find some time and visit this place. Things cannot go wrong when you have the words “Chai” and “Books” and “Café” in a single sentence. Pagdandi Books Chai Café. Definitely worth going!

We gave your feedback on post-its! See what we wrote (re: drew)


(Btw, I have visited the place once again and the post-it feedback we provided on our first visit is displayed on the counter! Yayy! Feels good!)

Address: Pagdandi Chai Book Cafe, Regent Plaza, Baner – Pashan Link Road, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045

6 thoughts on “Pagdandi Books Chai Cafe

    1. Hi Rashmi… I wouldn’t know 😦 I came here just a couple of months ago. If you are ever visiting Pune, you should definitely visit this place. 🙂


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