Saga of a Lost Phone!

Ever lost a phone… and got it back?! After TWO MONTHS?!

We did.

The phone was a gift from me to my husband and the stealing happened on our first train journey together. We wanted to do a train journey thinking it would be romantic but it turned out to be quite disastrous!

We had completed two days of travelling; another one day and we would reach our destination. It was a supremely long journey and all the romance of a train journey was already fading away. Then, we came to the major hub, Howrah station.

It was around noon. I had bought a book and immersed myself in it and Neel, being a foodie, hopped off the train to get some food. He came back a bit later and asked me to hand over his phone. What? I said I never had it. He said it was left on the seat and that he had asked me to watch over it. I never heard him say that!

What ensued was a crazy search for the phone. Even the people in our compartment tried to help us in the search. The TT also came to know of what happened. He seemed to have a clue of what was going on as it seemed to be a common incident at this particular station. He got hold of a sweeper and questioned him. Out came the response: there is this particular beggar who begs by dragging his knees across the floor who regularly steals phone and sells them in the black market. At this point, the lady in the next compartment said that in fact, she had seen that beggar and was astonished to see him on the run, with two perfectly working legs, the moment he stepped off the train.

Aah! So that’s how the phone disappeared.

Neel didn’t give up. He tried everything from tracking down the phone to calling it repeatedly. The tracking part didn’t work but by pure accident, the phone was connected once and we heard voices speaking in Bengali, trying to negotiate the price of the phone!

What could we do?! I felt so hopeless; I even felt guilty for not hearing him ask me to safeguard the phone.

But Neel, he didn’t give up. He called and checked time and again. Miraculously, at around 5pm, when Neel called again, the phone was picked up! The person on the other hand said he was a police officer and that the phone was in his custody! He said that he was at the black market earlier today and he grew suspicious when he saw the beggar trying to sell such an expensive phone. So, he pocketed it thinking the owner might try to reach him. He said we can come to his office and pick it up. But unfortunately, we were already miles away from Howrah by then.

But nonetheless, this was a ray of hope! We wanted to believe him, we were just a bit skeptical that he might be another thug.

After reaching Guwahati, we kept contacting the person for a month but things were not going well. Twice, the courier didn’t reach us (or so he claimed!). Finally, my father-in-law who is an ex-defense personnel sent his staff to the police man’s office. And after nearly two months, WE GOT THE PHONE BACK!

I think the world is not all bad yet. Yes, it’s hard to believe so with crimes happening everyday but in between these are people who are still honest. And people like the police officer make this world a better place. #lookup

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