Bangkok and the Heat

What to do in Bangkok when the Realfeel temperature shoots 44 Deg Celsius?

Short Answer: Stay where there’s Air Conditioning.

That was the strategy we used in deciding what to do in Bangkok in the summer heat for three days. Things like going to the zoo, or visiting Grand Palace, quickly dissipated as soon as we landed in Bangkok.

April: hot, sticky, humid. In short, the weather I hate most!

On Day One, we visited Terminal One, a mall where each storey was themed on a city, say San Fransisco, Istanbul, Tokyo, London… it was an entertaining place. At night, we visited the On Nut night market and bought a few stuff… sandals for 150THB and tees for 100THB. They say, the prices at this market are more genuine than Patpong. That night, we took beers from the 7-Eleven next to our hostel and drank the night up.

DSC05792 DSC05798 IMG_20150403_133708      DSC05804

On Nut Night Market & Street Eats

On Day Two, we visited The Emporium. Well… we partially visited it. It was too big! We went to the gourmet supermarket and stuck there for ages. They had a lot of food tasting going around and I took full advantage of it. Ended up drinking weird stuff like Banana Green Tea, noodles, dried Japanese things that I have no clue of and several dry fruits in the Arabic section! Even got a tiny Gatsby Hair Spray free. In return, I shopped for sauces and Thai condiments that are super expensive in India. We were also quite lucky to encounter a flash mob at the Gourmet market. All the helpers started dancing to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams! That was my first attendance at a flash mob!


IMG_20150404_135753 Avi_643FullSize

Flash Mob!!!
Mango Sticky Rice... woohoo! @Soi 38
Mango Sticky Rice… woohoo! @Soi 38

We came to our hostel in the afternoon and after a few beers, went out again at 8pm. This time, to the street food at Soi 38. I had Massaman curry and finally got to taste sticky rice with mango (which I shall be attempting at home very soon!).

On the last and final day, we went to MBK shopping mall and went a wee bit crazy. Of course, we were ripped off, but I’m not complaining because I wanted that fridge magnet and this cute-flower and that bag! My best buy here was a color-block clutch for 199 THB.

Next time, I shall try the Chatuchak Weekend Market and yes, I will definitely schedule my holiday at a better time of year!

By the way, Bangkok food is really awesome! And the variety is seemingly endless. I had made a list of food I wanted to try: Pad Thai, Massaman, Mango Sticky Rice… and I had it all and more!

DSC05820 DSC05831 DSC05835 DSC05834

There are places to suit every pocket. From crepes at Terminal One to Japanese food at Emporium, from street eats at Soi 38 to our favourite tiny Yai’s kitchen outside the hostel, we hogged all three days!

Spicy food, hot weather, sweat dropping, nose red, face heated… but smiling and happy! That was us in Bangkok!

@Yai’s Kitchen. (Me behind the camera. Sadly)

For food photos and random ramblings on food, check all the Khmer and Bangkok food we stuffed ourselves here!

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