Bou Savy Guesthouse: An Oasis in Siem Reap

Dusty, tired and haggard, we arrived at Bou Savy. A 15 hours bus journey to Bangalore where we met our friends, then came a 6hours train journey to Chennai, from there on a 3.5 hours flight to Bangkok, a 7 hours train journey to Aranyaprathet and a final 2 hours car ride to Bou Savy, Siem Reap. Indeed, we have traveled a long way to reach this place.

Tired but smiling (even the sleepy-head!)
Tired but smiling (even the sleepy-head!)

On reaching I expected usual guest-house “we-no-care” treatment; instead to be greeted with wet towels and a welcome drink was like welcoming us to the Kingdom of God! I remember giving the stink eye to Neel as he rubbed his face on the towel and a layer of dirt came off on the white towel.

Mr. Bovurn introduced himself and helped us check in with minimum fuss. The room was also better than expected. Air-conditioned, with a TV (which we didn’t use), a hair-dryer, a mini-fridge, toiletries and towels. This is way more than a guest-house! After the long and tiring journey, this was luxury!

DSC05468 DSC05473

I remember freshening and plopping on the bed and the rest was a blank! I slept sound. Dinner time, we decided to start in-house. We were really hungry and the boys ate two mains each! We tried and tasted each others’ dishes and in consensus, loved all that we tasted!

IMG_20150330_194322 DSC05476

The guesthouse also provides tours for the guests but since we already had our itinerary planned, we didn’t take the guesthouse’s services. There is also a souvenir shop. And a dollar per kg laundry service (which we used) at this place.DSC05646

On all days of our stay, we took full advantage of the swimming pool. Usually, the pool was not occupied during the day. We didn’t mind the sun much and we had the pool to ourselves during the day. Beer by the pool, float in the water, surrounded by greenery… what more can one ask for! At night, the pool’s illuminated and looks even better. The water was clean albeit a bit chlorinated.


The guesthouse itself was neat, with abundant chairs under shaded spots to sit and contemplate. There were also information leaflets on the temple or Siem Reap’s dining scene and such stuff.

The wi-fi was a bit spotty in our room but this was the only disadvantage we had.

They also have a free breakfast. We used to go out early in the morning for the temple-hopping and we would be back for breakfast. Breakfast time is till 10:30am but you will still be served if you are a few minutes late. That’s why I liked this place. They accommodate your request.

DSC05610 DSC05612

We went during off-season and booked double rooms with AC for just $22. With free wifi, breakfast and pool,I don’t think there’s a sweeter deal in the whole of Siem Reap.

You have my full recommendation to book a room at this place!

For our two-day Angkor-wat temple-hopping, read on here!

What we ate in Khmer land… here are the photos! 

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