Cafe 1730, Pune

I had a most perfect lunch yesterday.

Now that I’m more of a Puneite (Punekar? Still didn’t figure out this bit), I have taken the task of discovering places around Pune.

It so happened that yesterday we were searching for ‘happy hour’ places; taking advantage of our joblessness. And we came upon this place called ‘Café 1730’.


I have to place this restaurant somewhere between a gastro-pub and fine-dining (which is indeed a fine balance for me). Personally, I don’t like the overtly “snobby” places which demands proper etiquette, or brawling pubs. Café 1730 is a place where you get the familiar beer tower with fine-dining cutlery. It suits me fine!

The ambience is a bit bipolar, just like the food/drinks it serves… but in a good way. The outside is more of a French-style bistro. The inside dining is classy with wooden ceilings, a flower at each table and perfectly set tables. I, especially, liked the huge painting. There also seems to be a music section. I saw a guitar and a space which conveniently can be converted to accommodate live jams. Lots of quirky posters of musicians and quotes (a bit clichéd there).


IMG_20150520_163654-001 IMG_20150520_154825-001

Now to the food/drinks part:

A beer tower cost us Rs. 659, a glass of table white wine
Rs. 199. That is pleasant, ain’t it?IMG_20150520_155928-001

Also, the nachos are to die for! One of the best I ever had! (And I’m very specific about nachos, you will never
see me ordering nachos at movies. I’m that sort) Kudos!

The grilled chicken was nice too… I like my mashed potatoes a bit more garlicky but that’s just me. We also ordered malai kababs which was really soft and delightful. And

I shouldn’t forget the tandoori chicken thin crust pizza which was very, very nice!

IMG_20150520_172728-001Then came the desserts. First, a kiwi custard which made me growl “It’s mine! No touch!” and a sizzling brownie with a flambé performance which seemed to be the grand finale.

We must have spent two and a half hours there. An easy, week-day lunch. Just the way we love it!

Verdict: a must-visit-again place!

Cost: Rs. 3500 with alcohol for three. (I love Pune F&B prices!)

IMG_20150520_161448-001 IMG_20150520_173314_1432137360470

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