Super Lazy Man’s Grilled Chicken: (with Chocolate & Cinnamon)

This chicken was made by the laziest person I have ever encountered. He has never cooked for us before (he has never even made his own drink!), but surprised us yesterday by vouching to cook for our weekend party. If “The Super-Lazy Man” can make this, so can you.

This recipe went well with our drinks as well as the dinner. So, you can use it as a starter or a main course. We had it with a simple pulao at dinner and I licked the plate (ill-mannered host)

Recipe serves 6-8 peopleIMG_20150530_223446

Main Ingredient: 2kg chicken, cut into medium pieces

For marinating:

Cream, 200ml
Dry grind around 3 sticks of cinnamon and a handful of black peppers
Wet grind two medium-sized onions and a few chillies
4 tbsps of chocolate syrup (even strawberry syrup would do), preferably Hershey’s
Olive Oil, 4 tbsps
Ginger-Garlic paste, a very generous amount, 80-100gms (we used readymade paste)
Salt, to taste


Marinate the chicken with all the above ingredients. Let it rest for an hour. Put it into your oven/microwave. Done!


P.S. We have a microwave with grill function, so we used the Convection mode (60%grill, 40%microwave) and cooked the chicken for an initial 15mins; after which, we stirred the chicken and put it back in the microwave and cooked for a further 15mins.

But basically, if you have cooked chicken in your OTG, oven, microwave before, then use the same settings. I think you can also use a wok in case you don’t have an oven though the taste may differ.

Cheers to laziness!

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