Hoppipola: All Day Bar and Bon Homie

I noticed the Hoppipola signboard the very first time I came to Pune. Previously, I had been to the Bangalore branch and to see this name in Pune gave me a sense of familiarity.IMG_20150605_165453-001

So, finally, yesterday, we went for lunch to this place. The door to the place is akin a secret door. Whitewashed walls on the outside and a small wooden-mosaic door leading us inside. Beyond it, Mediterranean kitsch. The garden setting is very similar to the Bangalore branch. A huge green space in between and stone chairs and tables around it. (Though Bangalore definitely had a better garden and more flowers)

It’s a nice place for a lazy long gossip with friends, with finger foods and drinks to give company. There are board games too, by the way.

I like the food at Hoppipola; I dislike the quantities. But of course, it’s hardly the management cheating because you know you will not find Rasta chicken starters for the reasonable price of Rs. 180/-, and if you do, the quantity won’t be something to fill your entire tummy.

IMG_20150605_151937-001The concept relies on lazy drinks and nimble food. (A thing my husband is not very good at!) I can perfectly see my girls drinking and talking incessantly here for hours. One thing for sure: you will never gain weight… there’s strict portion control! Hehehe…

There were three of us. One eats like there’s no tomorrow, another eats like there’s a chicken apocalypse arriving and I eat like a normal person (yes, I am normal!). Let’s see what we ordered

2 lt. beer (2 pitchers basically)
1 lt. mojito (litchi and kafir lime… lovely in the outdoor setting) which a normal person like me could drink and still ‘tand stall’
Rasta chicken (6-7 pieces but damn nice) served with fries and tartar sauce
Chicken “coinburgers” (3 pieces) served with coleslaw and fries
A prawn starter (10-12 pieces; very delicious)
Buffalo wings (6-7 pieces)IMG_20150605_154942-001
Fish & chips with tartar sauce (2 thin pieces, again very delicious)
Penne with champagne cream (a bit bland for people with a spice tongue but good nonetheless)

Cost: Rs. 3200 (including taxes)

For what we paid and what we ate, this is quite a reasonable cost. And maybe it was the slow eating but by the end of two and half hours, all of us were feeling full and satisfied.

Go during the pre-monsoons… that means now… because the heat is cooling off and the rain has not started to dampen everything. It’s lovely to sit outside with the cheerful mojitos.

In conclusion: Hoppipola teaches us the virtues of eating less and eating slowly for a fuller stomach!!

IMG_20150605_152745-001 IMG_20150605_162725-001 IMG_20150605_162217-001 IMG_20150605_155702-001 IMG_20150605_155137-001


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