La Bouchee D’or, Aundh

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I had a break between chores and needed a coffee to sort my mind and my documents (why do life come with so many documents?! From birth certificate to death certificate to everything in between). This small bakery, La Bouchee D’or, was nearby and so, because of its fancy sounding name, I decided to visit it.


The Aundh outlet is more of a takeaway than a coffee shop. The space is small; I noticed the decorator had put mirrors on the wall to make it look bigger. Safe to say, it was a cute, small cafe.

I seemed to be the only one to ask for coffee. As I whiled my time, I saw a lot of clientele dropping in, buying the goodies and stepping out.IMG_20150609_122206-001

Talking about goodies, these are the highlight of the place. From macaroons to croissants, from tarts to quiche, you will find beautiful baked goodies and pastries here.

Since I had a lot of time, I struck a conversation with the manager (Gaurav? his name?) and he ended up telling interesting things about the cafe. Like, the fact that the owner is actually French; that quality is never compromised here. (They get their butter all the way from France!! So you get the idea!)

He said every single item is freshly prepared for the day and it is just as good as having it in France. I don’t know about the rest of the goodies but the ones I ordered were definitely out-of-this-world-heavenly! I had a plain croissant with such a melt in the mouth texture-fluffy-soft-that I’m finding difficult to find words! It was more than yum or delicious or awesome! It was yudelisome!

I also had a quiche which is perhaps the best quiche I had till date. All the quiches I have been having have a really hard pie crust. Not this one!

IMG_20150609_122034-001  IMG_20150609_122017-002

In the end, keeping it short & simple, go to La Bouchee D’or. The goodies may be a tad bit pricier but considering they fly in their butter from France (even the raspberries and what not!), it’s only fair you loosen your purse-strings to have a bit of French food in Pune!

IMG_20150609_125744-001  IMG_20150609_125808-001

Address: Near to Gaikward Petrol Pump, Clarion Park Society, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra 411007

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