Rice Pudding: Cheater’s way!

This is the easiest dessert I can make. I’m bad with desserts but I know this is one dessert you can’t go wrong with! Three basic ingredients: Rice, Milk and Sugar. The rest is up to your fancy. IMG_20150626_223034-001

My version is somewhat between the traditional Indian dessert (kheer) and its more famous Asian cousin, sticky rice pudding. We have a sort of sticky rice called Bora Saul being grown back in Assam and my mother gets me a stock of this every year. I do make kheer with basmati or other normal rice but if I’m making it with sticky rice, you’d understand the occasion is special. (In this case, I’m meeting my husband after a long month for a mere 5 days before he flies off again. And this dessert happens to be his favourite!)

This time, I used a mix of sticky rice and fragrant rice (both flown in from my native, Assam). What I used are short-grain rice varieties. A lot of the recipes out there (especially Indian ones) asks you to use basmati or fragrant long-grain rice but it’s really up to you. Just use good quality rice grains!

Serves: SIX!

Prep. Time: 10mins

Cooking Time: 30minsIMG_20150626_221130-001


A mix of Joha (fragrant) and Bora (sticky, glutinous) rice varieties/ just use any good rice variety: 1 Cup

Milk: 400ml

Condensed Milk: 150ml

Water: around 2 cups (cheater’s way of making pudding!)

Mixed Dry Fruits, optional but recommended!

Grated Orange peels, for visual pleasure 😀

Give the rice a good wash and soak it in water for 5-10mins.

After rinsing, place the rice in a heavy bottom vessel and stir in the milk on a low flame. Once the milk starts boiling, stir in the water. Keep stirring every now and then until the rice is thoroughly cooked. Instead of sugar, I use condensed milk. While the rice is cooked and the liquid is thickening, stir in the condensed milk (adjust the sugar level to your taste). At last, stir in the dry fruits and voila! Sticky rice pudding done!

Garnish with grated orange peel.


Important tips:

  1. Be sure the stove is on low flame throughout.

  2. Keep stirring every now and then until the rice is thoroughly cooked.

  3. If you want to add more milk, feel free to do so! I use water because I don’t like to sacrifice a liter of milk for this recipe. Alternatively, since I use condensed milk, water helps to balance it out.

  4. You can absolutely use sugar instead of condensed milk. If you are using sugar, then increase the amount of milk to 750ml-1000ml.

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