Onesta, Bangalore

Here is one honest restaurant: Onesta! It has an “honest menu” that provides unlimited pizza, unlimited desserts and one beverage for (hold on!...) Rs. 450/-!! Repeat: UNLIMITED!


We happened to stumble on Onesta while looking for restaurants in the Koramangala area. It seems like a new place; good vibes all around. 🙂

The décor is somewhere between cozy café and hip-casual dining. The chalky doodles on the blackboard definitely give it a café feeling. The distressed old-furniture-with-a-new-twist gives a hip dining vibe.



The best part, obviously, is the pizzas (which I forgot to click because I was too busy eating. What aIMG_20150617_173842-001 blunder!). They have some awesome toppings! Wasabi Mayo Chicken (think about that!); Asparagus and Cherry TomatoesPear and Mascarpone. These toppings are a definite departure from the usual franchise-pizza chains.

And the beauty of taking the unlimited deal is you can try as many pizzas (with different toppings, of course!) as you want.

When it comes to desserts, the price starts from a mere Rs. 25/-. Of course, it is a nimble (you can’t expect a pastry at this price, c’mon!) but if you take the unlimited deal, you can eat as many as you like.
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Truth be told, the guilt made me eat a la carte. But my brother and his friend took the unlimited deal.
College kids + this deal = guaranteed happiness!

All in all, we came at the late lunch hour of 2:30pm and left by 6:30pm. Four foodie hours in Onesta. And great fun and good conversations.

Word needs to get out! Onesta needs more honest foodies! Go and get your fill… Nom Nom!

Address: 562, 8th Main, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore (Opposite Spoonful of Sugar)  IMG_20150617_181930-001

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