That Tadiandamol Trek

That’s me at the top

Tadiandamol is the third highest peak in Karnataka. Even hearing this fact gave me chills because I was in bad shape. Zero-level fitness. But my expert trekking friend consoled me saying the highest are the easiest and relying on her, I decided to do this trek.


It was the onset of Monsoon and the drive to Coorg was quite lovely. This was my second visit to the land of coffee estates and home-made wine. We started off quite late from Bangalore (around 5pm) and it was midnight by the time we reached Coorg. And being dark, raining and without network, we couldn’t contact our homestay owner and was lost for almost an hour. Then, things started going right. The homestay owner called and we had network and he helped us find our way to his home.

Two really cute furry, well-mannered dogs greeted us that night. We stayed in one room; four of us and slept like logs.

Next morning, when we woke up, we realized there was a HUGE balcony adjacent to our rooms overlooking the village. It was so nice to breathe the fresh air of the hills.

All ready!

The owner helped us by dropping us to the beginning point of the trek in his jeep. (Though even going there took us an hour due to a fallen tree and the villagers’ mission that followed!)

Once on our own, we started the climb. The cemented road gave way to a pebbled path that gave way to just a trail. They skipped along; I drudged along. There were moments of awe… the greenery all around, the valley view. The sounds of the forests, the dripping of the rain, the crunch of footsteps and the sound of my own heavy breathing (Anti-climatic writing here!): I loved it, albeit a bit tiredly. But if you are even medium fit, you will be better than me. It was more a walk, trust me.

IMG_20150620_132413 P6200043

P6200116 P6200138IMG_20150620_143950

We crossed parts that were like meadows (easiest and hence, I liked this part) and we climbed on an incline. But once we reached the top, it was crazy wonderful. We were a part of the clouds; and I never felt the wrath of the winds like I felt that day. I stooped in the fear of being blown away. But I reveled in the beauty of nature. That feeling of ‘alive’ you feel at the top is something that can’t be described!

Mandatory selfie at the top

Once we had our small, meager, packed lunches, we started the descent. Which was much easier, thank you. That evening, we sat, huddled, and chatted the evening away.

Next morning, sadly, we had to leave. But we had the whole day to ourselves for the drive and we made proper use of it. Stopped at a waterfall, a   coffee store, another stop at a meadow, lunch stop at a local-cuisine serving hotel at Madikeri, another stop at Bylakuppe Tibetan Monastery! You see, we waste no time in seeing new places! Even with all of these on our schedule, we still managed to reach Bangalore at 9pm!

IMG_20150621_101939 IMG_20150621_113419

My favourite pic!

IMG_20150621_121703 IMG_20150621_133521 IMG_20150621_135456-001 IMG_20150621_155957-001

All thanks to Vachana, Aishwarya and Pavan for planning this trip! And hopefully, they will cajole me into joining another trek (I always need that push!)

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