The Funky Kona, Baner

I keep joking “Ever since we arrived at Baner, it became more hip!”; and Baner keeps proving itself.

We shifted to Baner last December and since then, I know of at least three gastropubs that popped up in our neighborhood: Incognito, Apache and (now, the latest) The Funky Kona.


When I saw the painting job of that building (a gray and bright yellow; such a lovely palette too!), I hoped it would be a hangout. Turns out, my prayers were answered.

Last week, we stepped inside the place. Its fairy lights twinkling; its metallic high stools and glass façade giving off a grunge as well as sophisticated look. I know sophisticated and grunge are at two opposite ends but The Funky Kona does a good job at balancing it out.

There are primarily two dining areas, and we preferred sitting in the open air than inside (Pune has a lovely weather this time of year). The place is colorful, a good vibe going around and accessorized with lovely, quirky knick knacks. I am so in love with the cage lights.


Also, they have faux, colourful deer heads mounted on the wall (no, they are not creepy because you know they were not alive once-upon-a-time).

The menu is limited; it’s mostly drinks and finger foods; the main course options are not many. But then, it is not a fine-dining place, it is a gastro pub and if you are really hungry, you can munch on pizzas and pastas and sandwiches.

For us, we ordered a pitcher of LIIT and Pina Colada. One pitcher for one person. We are fantastic alcohol-absorbers.


For finger-foods, we ordered Nachos (I secretly judge restaurants on how good their nachos are!), corn cheese potato dumplings, Chicken Teriyaki and BBQ Pizza.

Their nachos, named the ‘Awesome Nachos with Salsa’ was alas, not that awesome but more of an above average grade. It gets a B+ (if I really have to grade nachos on my Nachos scale)

I really devoured the Corn Cheese Potato Dumplings… each individual word of that dish is my favourite, so we could not go wrong there.

The Chicken Teriyaki and Pizza was also not a bad deal. Overall, the food is pleasant.

The drinks are also good. Neel, my date/husband :P, liked his LIIT calling it strong. My Pina Colada didn’t make me tipsy AT ALL… I wish it had more Malibu in it, but that’s just me. Like I said, we are fantastic alcohol absorbers.

All in all, we vouch to come back here again. Next time, with friends. And let me add, very soon!

(P.S. Just very, very happy that this place opened in Baner GAON. Cheers!)

The Funky Kona Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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