Linkin Barrel, Pune

Linkin Barrel: A-501, The Capital Building, A Wing, Baner-Pashan Link Road, Baner, Pune

Linkin Barrel

This is where we went on my birthday. A place nearby with good ratings. A place we haven’t been to yet.

I would say there are two décor themes running in the restaurant.  The indoor theme felt in line with a comfortable pub setting, with low seats in the middle and colonial sofas on the side. The outside has a very romantic feel, with faux orchids hanging from the ceilings.

We, as any old age couple would, sat in the pub-section! It is the air-conditioned section, so…

Coming to the menu, most of the items sound eclectic. A Jamaican something, with an Indian something, and a Chef’s speciality with a Bengali twist thrown in for good measure. I sure like to see a different menu and this menu seemed interesting.

We ordered drinks (I think I ordered a cocktail with gin/vodka with Japanese ginger which was really good, husband got a beer). Currently, there’s a Zomato 2+2 offer on drinks at this restaurant.

For starters, I wanted to order a salad. I’m usually never a salad girl, but I was running a slight temperature and thought some nutrients would do me good. Grape, Goat Cheese and Fig Salad it was. I don’t know what made me order it, but I received exactly what I ordered. In my head, I thought it would be pieces of goat cheese, which I love (the description said goat cream cheese, but somehow it didn’t register with me). Anyway, in came a big bowl of rocket salad leaves. I can’t say it was disappointing because honestly, it was my mistake. Sigh. I couldn’t munch through so much of salad leaves. I don’t do so much ‘healthy’ at one go.

But the rest of the order turned out exceptionally well. Thank you to the staff who helped us with the menu.

The Bhapa Shorshe Chingri was our top choice. Extremely succulent and melt-in-the-mouth!

The Kaffir Lime Chicken Kabab has a good portion and is plated very neatly. The tomatoes though were not grilled through and through. But altogether, a good dish.

We don’t know why we ordered the Tokari Chaat; we usually don’t do Chaat with drinks. This dish is also carefully plated, with small shot glasses instead of a typical chat mess. Even though it was good, and is sure to be a hit with chaat lovers, we hardly paid attention to it when the rest of the starters were on the table.

The last to be ordered was the Chermoula Pomfret. The meat fell right off the bones! I am not the one who can eat fish with knives and forks but believe me, this was so well cooked that even I could use my cutlery on a fish!

After 5 starters and 2 rounds of drinks, we bid adieu to the place. It was Saturday and people were starting to stream in. A good time to call it a night! (We are old, but wise that way. Too many dates have been spent shouting over tables because of crowd and music.)

Talking about music, atleast till 9pm, the volume was not interfering with the conversation. We can’t guarantee what happened after we left 😉

The crowd is also a mixed crowd; from IT workers of nearby tech parks to neighbourhood families with kids to a super-cute elderly couple (the man kept clicking photos of his partner across the table which I found to be quite adorable).

All in all, a good place for drinks and starters! (Not commenting on the main course or dessert section because we didn’t taste them)

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