On one hand, I want to live like Carrie Bradshaw and on the other hand, I want to backpack the world.  In short, I have a screwed-up version of happiness. I look at my friends and their social media activity. I see their smiles and say to myself all is happy and dandy in this world. It’s a world of deceit. It’s a lifestyle that social media feeds us down our throats and many of us accept without a thought. Everyone is happy and so caught up in their lovely world of check-ins, and travelling and corporate dinner and drinks; … Continue reading One-Minute


  Dear Auto-Driver of AS 01 M 3954, Thank you for infuriating me enough to write this down. There have been times when I wanted to write about you and your “clan”, yet I never penned down. Tonight, it was a very minor altercation. For you, perhaps, it is a daily habit; but sometimes it’s the smallest things that trigger the blackest of moods and right now, I am in one. I am one of the “a-month-per-year” visiting people, who visits Guwahati occasionally and click my tongue at the state of the State but don’t (or can’t or won’t) do … Continue reading THE FRUSTRATED PASSENGER!